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   04/4/2008 4:30 PM


Advanced Chart Techniques  

Techniques I Use to Produce Enhanced Excel Data Visualization Charts
Techniques Organized in 6 Suggested Learning Steps

Moving Beyond Chart Wizard
Transform Axes
Dummy Axis Series
Making Charts Dynamic, Interactive
Controlling Charts with VBA
 Process Data
Excel Chart Links - Workbook with 150 links to Excel charting articles and downloads
Step 1: Moving Beyond the Chart Wizard Chart Toolbar Use Chart Menu to select, format all components of your chart
Effective Charts Step by step guidelines to converting Excel's default charts into professional looking charts
Excel Data How to organize, manipulate your data to improve your charts
Data Scrubbing Downloadable workbook  includes 7 VBA procedures to handle a wide range of data scrubbing situations often found in working with process data.
Missing Data Handling missing data is one of the most common questions on the Excel Chart User Forum
Handling Dates in Excel XY charts I use XY charts almost exclusively for my trend charts. This post shows how to format dates and times so that XY charts look just like Time Series charts.
Adding Lines to Chart Add Horizontal Line
Add Vertical Line
Using Error Bars
       o Floating Bar Chart

       o Step Chart
Adding Text to Chart Dynamic Chart Title  
Labeling Points on XY Charts
Must Have Excel Chart Add-Ins J-Walk Chart Tools Add-in
AppsPro's XY Chart Labeler

JuiceAnalytics Chart Cleaner
Step 2: Custom Axes (aka Dummy Axis Series) Overview - Custom X and Y Axes Custom Axis Tutorial
Custom Axis and Gridlines Dot Plots
Day of Year (DOY) Trend Chart

Flexible Log Scale
Step Chart
Transforming Axis To Show What You Want Panel Charts
Step 3: Making Your Charts Dynamic, Interactive Dynamic Charts Dynamic Range Names
Highlight Min & Max Values - XY Chart
Dynamic Chart Title
Plot User Selected Number of Days
Chart Animation
Select Start and End Dates for Trend Chart
Interactive Charts Interactive Trend Charts - Checkboxes
Trend Chart Animation
Interactive Trend Chart - Moving Average
Interactive Trend Chart - Scroll and Data Series Check Box
Select Start and End Dates for Trend Chart
Step 4: Chart - VBA Use VBA to automate your charting process. Chart Object Information
Make List of Charts in Worksheet
Freeze Text Font Size
Size & Align Charts
Select Start and End Dates for Trend Chart
Chart in A Cell
Setting Cell Size 
Process Data Toolkit
Step 5 Dashboards


Techniques to help make Excel based dashboards Excel's Camera Tool
Chart in A Cell
Setting Cell Size 
Step 6 Process Data Toolkit