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   04/4/2008 4:30 PM


Site Information 

Contact me - Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions or would like to provide utility case study information on process data management.     .                          

I am available to provide on-site or remote training as well as to help you analyze your process data, help you design, develop, improve your process data management systems or develop effective process dashboards.

D.  Kelly O'Day  Qualifications & Experience
  • 38 years experience in water/wastewater facility planning, design, operations, process optimization
  • BS Civil Engineering (University of Maryland), MS Environmental Engineering (Drexel University)
  • Former Director, Water Operations, Massachusetts Water Resources Authority, Boston, Ma.
The how-to's, video tutorials and sample workbooks are for training and information purposes only.  I have tested these tools on my own PC. While all tools have been developed with standard Microsoft Office software, I can not verify their behavior on any other computer.
When downloading and using these tools, please use prudent computing practices:
  • Ensure full virus protection  is in place
  • Make backup copies of your files before running any VBA code or making changes to your own work.
Please notify me of any problems or bugs that you may encounter so that I can prevent any further problems.  You will be fully responsible for resolving any problems you may experience from downloading files or information from this site.
By using any of the information, examples or sample files on this site, you agree that I will not be held liable for any type of damages arising out of their use.