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   04/4/2008 4:30 PM


Process Data Toolkit (PDTK)

Process Data Tool Kit - Introductory Video - This 6 minute video provides an overview of a reusable Excl - VBA treatment plant data management system. PDTK includes a multipage main menu userform as well as data entry forms, reports, charts and dashboards. PDTK provides  reusable userforms,  VBA code and workbook structure. This tutorial shows you PDTK overall organization and capabilities.

Process Data Tool Kit - Introduction Video


Process Dashboard Video - This 6 minute video shows how Excel and VBA can be used to build a process dashboard. The video shows the source data, the dashboard specification sheet, the resulting dashboard, the addition of management target limits (low-low, low, high and high-high). This video shows the use of dynamic name ranges and how to centrally control parameter formatting and target limits.

Process Dashboard Video

Excel Dashboard Sheet Layout Video & Workbook - This video shows how to set up an Excel Dashboard sheet based on user specifications. The workbook includes a VBA procedure to layout a dashboard sheet based on user specifications.

Excel Dashboard Layout Video

Excel Dashboard Layout Workbook

Data Scrubbing - This workbook  includes 7 VBA procedures to handle a wide range of data scrubbing situations often found in working with process data.

  • Delete rows with blank cell in User specified column

  • Convert Empty/blank cell to NA() in User specified column

  • Convert text/string to NA() in User Specified column

  • Convert formula to value in User specified column

  • Remove #N/A and replace with blank./empty cell for User specified column

  • Scrub data set column titles so that they can be used for range names

  • Merge and scrub multi row titles so that they can be used for range names