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   04/4/2008 4:30 PM



File Description Image
Bank to 45o    
DJIA Trend Chart Format Video - Introduction to MIT's Exhibit 2.0. Shows community crime map using Google Maps and interactive query ability. Monthly cycle charts show trend data in series of monthly trend charts. This workbook includes VBA procedures to automatically generate a monthly cycle chart.    
Op_room_schedule.xls Linear regression can be done with all the data or just parts (segments) of the data to see if there are abrupt changes in the relationship. The boundaries between the segments may be called breakpoints. This post shows how to prepare a two segment regression analysis of trend data. The downloadable workbook includes an interactive method and a Solver based method to find breakpoint. This workbook shows how to add colored shapes to an XY chart to illustrate changes in categorical variables, like El Nino - La Nina in the NYT's example.    
Trellis Chart with Excel and R