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   04/4/2008 4:30 PM


        Add Horizontal Line To XY Chart

This tutorial shows you how to add a horizontal line to a XY Trend chart. It is based on example found in Trend_Control_Chrt_Basics.XLS.

1. Add Horizontal Lines to Chart

There are many times when you may want to add a horizontal line to your trend chart to reflect the average of your data, upper or lower target limits, or control chart limits. To define a line, we need to specify the X and Y values for our beginning and ending points. Consider the example chart below. We have a trend chart of data for the period 3/25/03 to 5/31/03. We want to add a horizontal line with a value of 0.6.

We can make a simple horizontal line data table that includes the X and Y values for the beginning and end points of our line, as shown in cells B4:C5.

To add this horizontal line to the chart:

1. Select cells: B4:C5

2. Place cursor on outside border of the data selection, a small cross hair type cursor will appear.

3. Press left mouse key, drag cursor to the chart; cursor will change  to a +

4. Release left mouse key.  Paste Special Menu will automatically appear (See picture copy below)


5. Press OK; the horizontal line will be added. You can now format the line as you like (color, dashes, etc.)

Any changes to your  Horizontal Line Data table will show up in your chart. if you change the 0.6 Y value to 0.2, the chart will automatically update.

In the control Chart tutorial we explain how to use three horizontal lines to show the average, lower and upper control limits.